In my practice, I specialise in working with people who’ve experienced traumatic situations, including complex trauma (multiple, extreme or long-term trauma) and are dealing with the far-reaching after effects.

While only a minority of the population think they have experienced trauma, it’s actually something that impacts everyone, either directly or second or third hand. Trauma doesn’t just come from extreme events, it can also result from breaking your arm, having dental work, bullying, insecure attachment as a young child, and even birth and pre-birth experiences can be traumatic. This list is endless really because what causes trauma is very subjective.

Individual Therapy

Working with individuals, I work the following challenges:

  • relationship problems
  • loneliness and trouble connecting with others
  • depression and sadness
  • anxiety
  • mood swings and flat moods
  • heightened emotional reactions
  • self-worth and confidence
  • mean inner criticism
  • major life transitions
  • learning healthy boundaries in either (or both) relationships and work-wellness balance
  • breaking unhealthy relationship patterns
  • dissociation (experiences of leaving your own body, or the space around you looking/sounding unreal)
  • flashbacks or disturbing memory issues
  • spiritual crisis or disconnection
  • disturbing or curious night time dreams
  • suicidality
  • body symptoms and chronic illness (in particular, exploring the psychological processes within symptoms)
  • loss of identity/sense of self
  • gender and sexual identity.


Relationship Therapy

issues work with good conflict a unicornWith couples and relationship groups, I work with the three central issues that underpin all relationship issues:

  • communication – we all come to relationships with different capacities and expectations when it comes to communication. Becoming more aware of these differences is the first step in improving communication dynamics. I help people build awareness, understanding and skills.
  • conflict – conflict is inevitable, but for most people, good conflict is a bit like a unicorn: we thought we might have glimpsed it once, we’d like to believe it exists, but we’ve never really seen it for ourselves.
  • connection – people rarely come to therapy when they have a good sense of connection in their relationship. When needed, I work with the deeper dreaming process of the relationship to explore the essence of the connection and where things have gone awry.

I work with people wanting to improve or transition their relationships, those needing to explore whether a relationship can be saved or not, and those wanting help to have a good break up.

Therapy for Awareness Not Issues

Sometimes people come to therapy not because they have big issues they want help with, but because they want to increase their awareness and capacity to discern what’s right for them at a deeper level.

To help with this kind of goal, I work with:

  • night time dreams
  • Life Myth – the deep pattern of development that weaves its way through your whole life (and explains why you sometimes feel like you’re working on the same thing over and over in your life)
  • the psychological processes encoded in peak experiences, major accidents, and chronic illness.


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