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cultivating-confidence-liz-scarfe-quick-confidence-coverQUICK CONFIDENCE

Real confidence is a marathon, not a sprint. But sometimes you just need to get a quick boost so you can stuff done and get through a difficult moment.

In this guide, I take you through three simple questions to help you create perfect-fit confidence hacks for every occasion (while building self-awareness), plus share 40 ideas of my own (including quality suggestions like kicking your wheely bin).


Download it here: Quick Confidence

cultivating_confidence_liz_scarfe_power_book_coverTHE LITTLE BOOK OF POWER

Tough times knock us around a lot when it comes to our connection to personal power. Combined with a society-wide lack of education about power and how to use it well, means a lot of us struggle do develop a good relationship with our own power.

In this nifty guide, I’ve summarised some fabulously complex concepts about power to help you build your power literacy, with tips about how to build more, own what you already have, and why power gets us in so much trouble!


Download it here: The Little Book of Power

cultivating-confidence-liz-scarfe-supporting-success-support-groups-coverSUPPORTING SUCCESS

Supportive relationships are essential when you’re on a mission. But intentionally supportive relationships are even better.

This guide is all about how to set up and run a small, intentional peer support group for people trying to make meaningful progress towards their goals.

I’ve whittled down my 15+ years facilitation experience to explain the hard-love boundaries essential to run a successful and long-lasting group, plus some great ideas of what to do when you get together.


Download it here: Supporting Success

cultivating-confidence-liz-scarfe-ultimate-guide-finding-right-therapist-reader-imageTHE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FINDING THE RIGHT THERAPIST

Shopping around for a therapist, when you really need one, is hard. Where do you start, what do you look for, how do you know who’s right for you?

To help you think through these questions and more I’ve created this comprehensive guide and checklist for therapist hunting.


Download it here: Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Therapist or read it on The Clog.


This meditation exercise (just under six minutes) is adapted from Dr Arnold Mindell’s book Process Mind and appears here with his permission. Use it to connect with a deeper more sentient experience of yourself, and find wisdom to help with everyday issues that are troubling you. Just get comfy and hit play (and have paper and pen nearby).

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I read a lot of self-help books. Every so often in The Clog I write about one I particularly love. I don’t bother writing about the ones I don’t like (I don’t bother even finishing them actually).

As well as those in The Clog, here are others I love and recommend…

About relationships…

The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work by John Gottman – an immaculately researched book that’s incredibly useful for all relationships (married or not)

The Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch, where marriage therapy and sex therapy collide

About physical health…

Health in Sickness, Sickness in Health by Dr Pierre Morin – an excellent book that challenges the mainstream perspective on health

About suicide…

Thinking About Suicide by David Webb – I highly recommend this one for people who experience suicidality and their friends and family.

About contemplation and spirituality…

Anything by Thomas Merton

The Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr

No Boundary by Ken Wilbur

Jesus for the non-religious by John Shelby Spong


Anything by Brene Brown. She has written a range of books based her fantastic grounded -theory research into “whole-hearted living”. The internet is also scattered with BB videos if you want to just get the gist of what she’s talking about.

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain by Dan Siegal – essential reading for parents of teenagers (watch this long but excellent youtube video to get a taste).

P.S. None of these are paid links, just books I love.

Want to get new resources straight to your inbox?


Stay in the loop by joining my email list: one or two emails a month max (often less), no hard sells, and I’ll guard your personal details with my life.

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